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 3v3: Feral + Shadow Priest + ?

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PostSubject: 3v3: Feral + Shadow Priest + ?   Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:17 am

Hey all,

I'm currently looking to do some 3v3 with a friend who's playing as a shadow priest, so that currently leaves us with two less than optimal PVP specced characters (to put it politely). It won't be a team with any great expectations of success, more just to get some games in socially, but having said that it would be nice to not get utterly stomped all the time. So, with that setup in mind (and without either of us wanting to respec at this stage) anyone got any thoughts on a sensible third?

Way I see it our options are:

1. Grab a proper healer. Would keep us alive for a fair while, does leave us without a -healing debuff though.

2. Grab a high burst dps class. A rogue say would give both a decent amount of burst damage, a reduced healing debuff and some reasonable CC. Means no dedicated healer of course so would be very dependant on burning one of the opposing team ASAP.

3. Try and maximise CC, lockdown or drain. A hunter or lock say would offer a chunk of extra CC, spell interupt or mana drain. Can't really see the drain approach working well without a dedicated healer, a CC match up might though as a slowly grind down one opponent while controlling the rest to minimise damage/healing from them? Potentially quite a lot of overlap between Options 2 and 3 here of course.

Something along the line of option 2's my gut reaction, ideally grabbing a rogue, anyone else got any thoughts on what to take to try to make the best of a poor situation though? Smile. Probably going to be quite limited in terms of number of players we can draw on for this since team swapping's pretty restricted nowadays so a few possible class suggestions particularly appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: 3v3: Feral + Shadow Priest + ?   Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:51 pm

In all cases u'll need a dps, i suggest a ret pally if you'd like to go for burst (BoP will help your priest survive & let him actually deal some dmg)

The other option is for you to get a lock for fear CC & a lot of shadow dmg & mana drain.

Protecting the priest will be hard but if you do manage to get your opponents to play defensively you will gain the upper hand.

I can't think of many other things u can get to make the combo work, the priest will always be the main target & the way you protect it will mostly determine the outcome of the battles.

PS: My suggestions may not work at all tho, just saying what i think might work Razz
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3v3: Feral + Shadow Priest + ?
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