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 Resto Druid + Warrior + Mage

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PostSubject: Resto Druid + Warrior + Mage   Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:04 pm

Me and some friends from the guild started this setup, and we did pretty well for our gear. Me in almost full s1, no vindicator's except for a ring, warrior with deep thunder, 2 s1 and rest blues, and the druid in s1. We did face problem with some teams, for example rrm and rmm wich sort of nuked our healer the moment he appeared. In the other case, they nuked the warrior wich due to low resilience went down in one shatter combo. Our main-tactic vs most teams was me CCing and CSing to prevent as much dmg-income as possible. I left 90% of dmg done to my warrior since I'm having a hard time even getting away a frostbolt in the arena thanks to pillar-kiting / rogues that smashes my face. This worked for healing-teams and even some dps-teams. But whenever we faced double rogue and mage or double mage + rogue, they just picked one target and blew us away. What's the best way of countering that sort of team? If our druid's caught in cat-form prowling, the 2 rogues will have him dead within cheapshot + kidney. And, going for the warrior will nuke him with shattercombos in no time. Any ideas will be appreciated.

- Edit - When we fought some matches today, it did go better. Although, mostly because our oponents gear were equal to us, but also, we had a better rotation of CC's. But it's still the RRM or MMR teams that's playing with us.
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Resto Druid + Warrior + Mage
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