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PostSubject: Feral/Disc   Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:54 am

Hello right there.

I dont know, the thread " feral/disc" is up to date, so I open a new one.

We play around ~ 1950-20xx. Each Druid/Warri and especially Druid/Hunter is a lose game Surprised.

Vs Druid/Hunter:

We open the fight on the pet, which one gets healing.
I try to burn the hunter, and my teammate switches the dps between hunter and pet.
In most of the fights, we cannot kill the pet and after 5mins I´m oom.
My druid tries to dispell the vipersting, but fails.
-.- .

Vs Druide/Warri:

We play aggressive and I try to manaburn the druid, my teammate switch the dps between druide and warri.

Most of the games look like, that the druid ist oom and I´m around ~3k mana, the warri focus me and my druid dps the warri, we try to CC the druid - cyclone/Fear -
but most of druids heal their warri, and I cannot go drinking. So I´m oom and the warri crits me down :F.

anyone got some tips Surprised??

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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Fri Jun 06, 2008 10:20 pm

Druid / Hunter is probably the hardest matchup you can find. You might aswell just try to go for the druid with the priest helping you to kill him. You could also stick on the hunter / druid while your priest is killing the pet and then sprint towards your priest to kill it.

It's a hopeless fight but possible to win tho.

Druid / Warrior, well it's all about the target swaps. Stick on the druid while your priest solos the warrior 5cp maim + sprint and finish of the warrior. If you feel that he will manage to survive cyclone him so the druid can waste his ns in it =).
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:49 pm

Chrille wrote:
You could also stick on the hunter / druid while your priest is killing the pet and then sprint towards your priest to kill it.

I generally find that to be the better strategy. I generally find pressuring the hunter to be the better choice though either works. Also, a BM hunter is an easier target as opposed to a survival hunter. Most survival hunters become a pain to try to drop. Marksman it depends - usually about as difficult as the druid.

Usually my priest will run around trying to Line of Sight the hunter and mana burn the druid or smiting the pet when he can. Yes, the druid can go bear or something to avoid burns but that means he's not healing. If I keep pressure on the hunter, it'll keep the druid in caster most of the time, allowing him to be mana burned - though you can put pressure on either one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your priest is doing a good job line of sighting the hunter, the hunter will probably just to go catch him, therefore line of sighting his healer. If he doesn't chase after your priest and tries to stay by his healer, then it buys your priest some space - either way it's a plus.

Usually my priest will end up power infusing himself and smiting the pet when its around 3/4 and start getting it low. At this point I'll switch over and help him dump on the pet. Between maim, feral charge, bash, taunt and yes, even challenging roar, you should be able to drop it. I'm surprised at how many times a taunt after the hunter recalling his pet actually wins us the game.

With the pet down your priest can drink a lot easier, and with your constant pressure on either the hunter or the druid, you'll get the druid OOM and you shouldn't have a problem.

About druid/warrior:
My priest isn't fully caught up in gear which makes the warrior a big problem. Generally I find the best strategy is to lock the warrior down as much as possible through maim, feral charge, bash, roots, etc. Again, my priest tries to burn the druid where possible. Yes this also heals the warrior, but you're doing damage at the same time and will eventually run the druid out of mana if your priest lives through it. This may not be the best strategy if you're in full s3 and such but my priest still has mostly S1 so a S3 geared warrior tears him apart too fast for me to try to drop the druid or take the time to target swap. It's a more defensive strategy and may work for you in places - not really sure. It helps prevent the whole warrior spiking down your priest quickly though.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:25 am

I guess the best way would be trying to kill the pet, and at the same time mana burning the hunter to 0%. Have your druid stick on the hunter and just tunnel vision him from here on. He won't be able to drink, which should result in you guys outlasting them. Make sure the hunter's mana stays low so he can't rez his pet. At this point mana burn the druid when you can, try to keep him in combat as much as possible, and drink....drink drink drink. Faerie fire can really help since the druid doesn't have to run all the way to the druid and then back to the hunter to keep him in combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:39 pm

Hunters drink? Didn't know. Maybe, in 3s or 5s I suppose.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:12 am

Ifigenia wrote:
Hunters drink? Didn't know. Maybe, in 3s or 5s I suppose.

yes, indeed. Alot of hunters drink in 2s especially n811.

Thanks for your Tips.

Taunt the pet helped us to win two times Very Happy.

On Friday/Saturday we hitted the 2,1k but today we have lost ~120 points vs three different Warri/shammy :F.

I dont know but I think that the dmg of the warri combined with purges from the shammy is to heavy for me as disc x_X.
I can survive with PS + Trinket.
After this its really really hard for me :F, although my druid trys to help me with roots or cyclone!

Someone posts in the old thread, you have to play offensive but it doesnt work Surprised.
I mean If we win vs Shammy/Warri, it looks like:
NS + Medallion on CD, my Feral used a 5CP RIP, shammy on fear and gogo nuke the warri.
I think this is luck, it doesnt feel good.

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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:37 pm

yesterday i started playing with feral/disc combo. we got pretty easy up to 1800, but from there on we began to struggle... we played up to 4 o'clock so we met always the same few teams again.

i'll try to explain our problems:

1. icemage/discpriest

this setup is ridiculous >_>
my priest get's sheeped. he trys to use SW:D but the mage fakecasts a sheep first and then sheeps. i'm going for the priest at the beginning. this one just heals himself, trys to manaburn my priest (often in sheep) and keeps dots upon me. while i try to LoS the mage and damage the priest they do a lot of pressure on me by summoning the elemental when i'm ~60%. this is when i start to stay in LoS of my priest, who dispells and heals. they just burn down. he has no chance of outlasting them, because one of them can drink all the time! and i go oom aswell Sad

2. priest/hunter (didn't fight any good druid/hunter so far)

i just go for the hunter, quick swap then to the pet and we kill it. then do i stay on the hunter.. but he CC's me just too well. i can't really do a lot of pressure on him. we won most matches, but it doesn't really feel effective.. what would you do?^^

3. healkin/rogue

rogue goes for my priest and i try to do damge, cyclone him, cyclone the druid. but it's not possible because the druid just keeps hots on the rogue all the time and runs away when he sees me coming for cyclone or my priest for fear. if we can't get the druid in CC we loose.

4. pala warrior

tried the same as we do vs. shami/warri. cc the pala, kill the warri. but it's much harder due to the divine shield and BoP also prevents some damage, even if it gets dispelled. they kill my priest before i can kill the warrior. should we go for the pala, try to manaburn and cc the warrior? should we do split damage and my priest trys to solo the warrior? no idea^^

that's it so far i think Sad every other setup was pretty easy. but these ones were anoying. got any ideas? please, help out :p

btw: i published a theory about the viability of 3v3 setups. for everyone who understands german:
i'll translate it into english someday.
thank you in advance, ramin
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:10 am

Da der eintrag eh inaktiv ist, antworte ich dir auf deutsch und nehme das risiko gebannt zu werden gerne in kauf.


Nie gegen gespielt als feral/disc. Und als Schurke/disc war es eher einfach.
denke jedoch druck auf dem priest und mit maim/cyclone deinem priester die gelegenheit verschaffen zu burnen.


Wenn die jungs auch nur ansatzweiße wissen, welche spells, welche bedeutung haben könnt ihr nur versuchen auf zeit zu spielen. aber richtig gewonnen haben wir noch nie!


Also easymode. Druide eröffnet den kampf aufem krieger, priester reitet zum pala und feard ihn und fängt sofort manaburn an. Setzt der pala den ersten heal an, charged der druid den pala an gefolgt von einem bash. dein priester wird in der zeit versuchen zu überleben. meist zünden die palas jetzt schon die boubble -> Massdispell + Fear oder wenn es CD hat Wirbel. Sobald der CC aufen pala sitzt nuked der priester fleißig mit.

Wir freuen uns über jedes pala/warri match Smile.


Wir spielen recht aggressive. Rogue eröffnet den kampf aufen priest, drood aufen rogue. Als priest setzt ich sofort meine dots aufen rogue, versuchen den rogue so um die säulen zu ziehen, dass der gegnerische drood zu ihm in LoS steht.

Mit den ersten 100 engerie und bissle critluck ist der rogue auch meist schon auf 35%, eingehende hots dispell -> der priest fällt ein bissle in der HP beim dispelln, alle hots runna, rogue Cyclonen und priest kann sich voll heilen. Versuchen mit Cyclone/charge/Stun/Main die insgnie das drood rauszulocken -> fleißig hots dispelln/ gut gesetztes fear -> priest mit nuken lassen und mit dem neuem Cheating death( 2.4.2 ) fällt so nen dual gleven rogue mit 4/4 schneller um als ihm lieb ist Smile.

Das ganze ist für den priest recht manaintensive daher früh geist/anregen nutzen.

In der theorie haben war 2-3 versuche den rogue zu nuken überlebt er haben wir verloren. Großartig outlasten kann man sie auch nicht, dafür macht der rogue zu viel dmg :F.

vllt liest du es vllt auch nicht.

Liebe grüße blak =P

omfg this is german lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:28 pm

I played this combo today with a irl priest friend of mine both off us dont have special gear other then the ones you could get for free without good rating,
I was really amazed that we didnt come across any tactic that we found to be unbeatable , we ended up with winning 8 out of 10 games and the 2 loses felt like we could have win if we both didnt make simple mistakes, basically we both came to the conclusion that, if you have a dps/healer setup your facing it might be best to burn the dps, even though our strategy lets some of the games go on for 20+ min, my priest friend either mana burns both of the healer/dps or if its a rogue and warrior i try to be a thorn to them nuking those 2 with all kinds of bleeds making life a living hel for their healer, while his healing my priest friend mana burns, if we are up against a shaman we fear + cyclone to get max out of inervate before its pursed with good pillar hopping it went well, we didnt have a problem with a hunter/healer or warrior /druid I stayed on the warrior cycloning and rooting him as much as posible even though i didnt get to perfect and chain it i did stop him from geting good burst on my priest partner. while that was up we saw the druid to have 2 mana pools if he managed to get a inervate off which he did while hopping so our priest dots the druid and warrior forcing him to heal, when his oom or close to oom i root the warrior , cyclone him when i feel the team is right i go all out on the druid bursting as much as posible all bleeds etc on him with his low mana his forced to use his NS for a crappy heal after this its kinda GG wp,

This took us on a 1550 level about 25min to do i imagine it might take almost forever on a 2000 level but i dont see any other way in doing it, also i realized this might be the best setup for a feral , feral/rogue is a rock paper sicorz effect and since i live in South-Africa i don't have the good latency to time my stuns / cyclones to perfection with a feral / mage combo.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:48 am

I recently started running this makeup and I have good and bad things to say about it. I wear 4p vengeful and 4p t6 and my priest wears half merc half vengeful and also has the SSC trinket. The biggest issue I've run into is Warrior / Healer teams. Usually the fight starts out with me opening on the warrior to prevent charge and getting mangle and bleeds up then switching to the healer as to not feed the warrior rage. It usually takes alot less time for the warrior to kill my priest (thanks to MS) than it does for me to kill the healer despite Roots / Cyclone / Feral Charge on the warrior. I just can't seem to keep my priest alive long enough to catch an opportunity to kill one or the other. I'd like to hear some advice against Warrior / Healer combos pointing out what I could do or what I'm doing wrong.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral/Disc   

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