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 Questions questions questions...

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PostSubject: Questions questions questions...   Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:36 pm

A few questions i thought i'd ask.
Wasn't really sure on which leg patch to take Stam / agi or AP / Crit I've got just over 10k health.

I usually play 2v2 with a Disc priest or arms warr (whose ill atm No) we've been having troubles with other teams that have a resto druid,when im with our priest, cause of there cc against me had a nasty sl/sl lock / resto combo.Any tips?

Currently im gemming with Agi/Stam purple gems and green resilience / stam gems, should i be gemming for crit /stam gems or straight agi?

Also all the videos on the website helped me alot with actual pvp.Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Questions questions questions...   Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:46 am

I'm not sure about the leg patches - I'd say stam when you're with the warrior because you'll probably be focused first. Playing with a disc priest I like AP/Crit better, as usually they'll be after your priest anyway. It's really offensive or defensive here, so your other enchants/gems will make a difference as well. 10k is what you should be aiming for as a minimum in the arena.

I don't have any experience doing Arms/Feral, but I've done a bunch of Disc/Feral. Hopefully the warlock tries to keep dots up on both of you. If so, make sure your priest tosses Prayer of Mending around as much as possible, and the two of you stay close together. Prayer of mending is VERY efficient, and dots on both of you will keep it jumping.


The best way to try to win this fight is to "CC" the druid. This means cycloning or fearing the druid when the warlocks getting low. Between the two of you, you'll have a tough time unless you really coordinate it right - you don't have the greatest lock downs, and instant HoTs make it even more difficult.

Usually you'll be the warlocks fear target. If you are, interupt every fear you can. If you're far away feral charge it, if you're up close bash or maim (the bonus on the s3 gloves is nice here, you can lock out a few of his other spells at the same time too). He will get fears off, and try to have your priest dispel them. Try to use your trinket when you've got 4-5 combo points on the lock and hes low on health. Cyclone the druid (fear if he trinkets) and empty everything you've got on the lock.

If you're taking a lot of damage due to dots, don't forget barkskin. Also remember you can use it when feared - This is key if you get a bad fear that sends you out of LoS of your priest.

You want to end this fight quick if you can, the druid should be able to outlast your priest in healing. Make sure you never let him drink or its pretty much game over, unless your priest can get some drinking in too.

Almost every lock will use a fel hunter too. If it's going to be a long fight, you need to get it off your priest so he can drink if necessary. If you ever get space or LoS on the druid, see if you can drop it quickly. If your priest is confident about his mana, he can even help you by dropping smites/mind blast/shadow word death. The idea is so spike it before they notice and call it back. Make sure who ever the pet is attacking keeps it out of LoS of the druid - it will keep following you. DONT FORGET YOU CAN TAUNT IT. It's amazing how many times you can bear form taunt a pet off your priest and the owner wont notice. Its free of rage too, and maul/mangle is a pretty nice spike combo anyway. If the warlock calls it back when you're trying to kill it, you can taunt it again and hope he doesn't notice. If he does and you've got it low, bash it and kill it.

As soon as you drop the pet get all over the lock. Watch for the fel domination buff if you can. If you see it, call your priest to dispel it if possible while you try to stun him. This requires a lot of coordination and a very good set of interupts on your part - but it is possible. If you can keep that lock without a pet, you'll be dealing a lot more damage and keeping pressure on the druid.

Don't forget you can hibernate the druid if he shifts. Its another set of DRs to play with.

If you're trying to CC the druid and your Cyclones on DRs, don't forget you can cyclone the warlock to prevent the druid from healing him and also waste the ticks on any hots the lock has on him.

Your priest can also mana burn the druid. Most druids will shift to bear, but it's worth a shot. If he doesn't you're saving yourselves a lot of time, and putting pressure on him. If he does shift, that means he cant be healing - dump on the lock! If you keep pressure on the warlock the druid will eventually need to help him. This is key to winning this build. NEVER let the druid have space. Keep the pressure on him!

Be careful with your innervate. If you're innervating your priest, taunt the pet off just before or after. Also, cover it up with some other stuff if you can - rank 1 mark of the wild/thorns, lifebloom, a rejuvenation etc.

You will usually get outlasted by this group, remember your priest can play it offensively with smites/mana burns to try to keep it a quick fight.

Hope some of these tips help, this is a tough fight! Good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Questions questions questions...   Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:54 am

I strongly favour the stam/agi patches - agi's far and away the best dps stat you'll get out there IMO, particularly with its bonuses to +heal and dodge, so 12 agi easily trumps 12 crit. That leaves 40 stam vrs 50 AP which to my mind makes the stam the obvious choice again - I feel there are better options for swapping out survivability for extra damage if desired that offer a better ratio than 1 stam for 1.25 AP.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions questions questions...   Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:23 pm

Thanks for the help Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Questions questions questions...   

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Questions questions questions...
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