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 WOTL Model Editing! Please HELP!

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PostSubject: WOTL Model Editing! Please HELP!   Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:19 am

Hey Guys whats goin on. Im here posting about model editing. Im an alliance NE Druid and I went to The Editing Tutorial site Chrille offered to us (http://modelediting.frac.dk/), On the Front page it shows a simple model edit, Saying that once you download the MPQ File for the Thekal Cat Form(Worgen/Tiger Boss in ZG lookalike) Just copy and paste into your Wow/data files. Well Apparently its not that easy anymore.

"Instead of teaching you how to edit models here on the first page by yourself We decided to supply a few different .mpq-Archives that you will merely have to copy into your \World of Warcraft\Data\ folder to use.". I did exactly that and It still doesnt Work.

I Would really like some help on this, Post here or PM Me. Possibly email me at misfiter01@hotmail.com. Im quite tired of my NE cat form. Even thought about rerolling a Tauren Druid just for the change in scene. If you happen to know how to get this model edit to work, Or some extra tips Let me know. Thanks cheers

--> Yes, I have looked at the Older Posts that involves Model Editing. But it really didnt solve my Problem.
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WOTL Model Editing! Please HELP!
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