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 Feral - Warrior - Dpriest

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PostSubject: Feral - Warrior - Dpriest   Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:23 am

Hi peeps Smile

I have been playing Fdruid Warrior Pala for some time, but the pala went retri, and now we got a disc priest instead.
I have been seeing some movies, including one of the movies from Chrille, but as always we could use some "real" tactics Smile In words.
Without the bubble, its not the same as a pala I can say myself, we started completly fresh, the warrior is Nelf and the Priest is Draenei (No perception Sad)
As Pala Warrior Me, we had hard times with

RMP, even tho we got freedom, they just dispell it and nuke the shit out of us or win on mana.

Druid Warrior Warlock.
There seems to be no nuke target in this, sometimes we pwn the druid, but the warrior and warlock's abilities to help him always makes him able to ruuuun away.
Fear, hamstring, fear, coil, etc.
Sometimes we go for pet, which mostly dies, then new pet, and then warlock, but again, we cant get him down cuz again the warlock sometimes get a spare to fear, or warrior hamstring, druid cyclone like very second?

In these setups, I dont know if priest is much of a difference, except they would mostly nuke him, instead of one of us.

Any tips how to beat those setups as Warrior Druid Priest.

And if there is other things we need to be aware of playing this setups.

Thx for reading.

Elfhaiz - Balnazzar EU.
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Feral - Warrior - Dpriest
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