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 Feral/ Retri paladin / Ms warrior

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PostSubject: Feral/ Retri paladin / Ms warrior   Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:03 pm

Today i got a whisper from a paladin asking me to 3v3 to my suprise I said i am feral if that's ok and he said yes he wants a feral druid XD happy little kieff excepted the invite and we joined up with a MS warrior , It went pretty good for a team that just started we hit the 1650 button almost straight away , druids / shamans stood no real chance, paladins gave some trouble but we managed around it its a pure nuking the healers WTF 1st team If the warrior keeps sunders even a dici priest cant do much, now has anyone tried this combo before? If so post some tactics please, also I decided to swap 2 pieces of T6 ( head and leggings ) in since i only had s1 gear, the 5% less energy from mangle came very handy , more handy then i thought it will be, This is really a nice combo and maybe maybe i can hit something high if the group stays active XD
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Feral/ Retri paladin / Ms warrior
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