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 HELP!!!me or my teammate(s) who fails!?

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PostSubject: HELP!!!me or my teammate(s) who fails!?   Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:48 am

Im a 400 resil feral and i play with a rogue, but im stucked at 1490-1550! i can't belive this!
im the second best feral on my server and i beat most of the best pvper of each class in duels. The best feral druid is stucked at 1550-1700(just so u know a tiny thing about my server, it sucks). My rogue got 240 resi, but he is the only 1 on my server who wants to play with a me bcuz im feral. Our problem is: we keep meeting resto shammys and warrs full s3/s2! so its almost impossible to get our rating up! i also play with a disc priest(IRL friend) , but he got 200+ resi too...
When we first get to 1500+ we're starting to win and we are facing easier setups.

Me myself think i play good in arena. i cyclone and prevent heals.. i switch targets on the different setups, but my rogue keeps getting nuked like a bunny!albino

PLEASE HELP ME! If i won't get to 1700 soon ill respecc resto against my will! Crying or Very sad albino
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HELP!!!me or my teammate(s) who fails!?
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