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 Feral druid in need of help

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PostSubject: Feral druid in need of help   Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:11 am

Hello there this is Angara from the french european realm of Eldre'Thalas (Vengeance battlegroup) and I have a couple of questions for you today, for which I would obviously appreciate some info.
Keep in mind that I am 2/5 s4 2/5 s3 1/5 s2 , and that I play the feral / rogue comp with a rating basically around 1700.

- Would it be easier, from your point of view, to up 1800 with a mage or with a rogue? Tbh , we've gone up as far as 1760 but after that it gets really hard and I wonder if it would just be easier to roll with an icemage instead of spending countless hours tearing my hear off due to countless walls of Warrior/Shaman or whatnot.

- Against Disc P / Rogue , we usually go on all out at the beginning with my shattered sun trinket ( jwc 375) which boosts considerably my AP and I try to CC the rogue forcing him to use his trinket and then my rogue blinds him in order to let us finish the Priest. But lately we have had problems with this compo as the priest does NOT go down ^^ :p (we usually get him at around 10% ), and it is not a gear problem. Should we go for the rogue and make him use all cds?

- Would a MM Hunter / D Priest / Feral Druid comp work out in 3v3s ? We really could have the possibility of wearing out our opponents, and I could maybe (maybe ^^) finally get my 1800 rating and spend my gazillion arena points.

- Another question for 2s with a rogue. Should I bother killing warlock's second pet even if it is not a felhunter? Also , should we be dpsing the Warlock and then sudenly switch to the pet as it has already received like 40% worth of damage? We have the dots ticking so both our HP bars are going down and we really need to make a choice.

- I am constantly switching between PVP trinket with extra HP on use and the shattered sun trinket I already mentioned, but I never seem to make a choice :p , should I definitely go for the extra damage or try to play it safe?

- How much resilience do you think would be needed for 2v2s with a rogue or frost mage? I have about 375 right now but I am rather confused since I saw a feral druid (2k) going for damage rather than resilience , obviously staying at 300+.

I would once again like to emphasize my gratitude for ANY feedback since I'm pretty deperate and also tired of losing vs teams against which I know we could win.
Also, please note my apologies if similar problems exist in other threads as I looked quite a while and didn't find what I was looking for ( yes I really looked :p ).

-Angara, Feral Druid and proud to be one. afro
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PostSubject: Re: Feral druid in need of help   Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:09 am

First of all, you can always lose to teams you know you can beat easily. I've lost to countless SP/rogue or SP/lock or even retri/rogue.

For me, I've been playing with a rogue all time, and from what I've heard, it's the easiest partner to get high ratings in the last seasons. Maybe because rogues aren't that hard to learn like mages. Anyway.

I could link you the feral/rogue thread once again, but I'll let you search for it, and throw some tips about the combos you mentioned. I'm 4/5 s4 at 1900 rating (dropped last week to 1850), 2nd feral team in my server at least. (first one started with full s3). That far I see that we have no problem going up to 2k, we just need more games, which vacations don't let us do.
Disc/rogue: Burn rogue's evasions. A cyclone during them could help, especially if he's getting low hp from bleeds at start. Expect your rogues KS to do your damage, otherwise you're just hitting the wall, trying to mangle only and hoping. From my experiense, if you get eye (your rogue should) and get rogue, during sap/blind or anyway, during burst and KS you get rogue down to 20%. With some good crits I've even procced cheat death with rip. Anyway, when priest gets out of cc, you need to watch for his casts. He will either come and fear (usual, rogue has hp to survive for 4 sec) or start PS and heals. Get in bear and be prepared to interrupt, try dodging fear, but if you get it you'd better not trinket, since your rogue can survive and you can restealth/open again with pounce-new burst. The fight goes on, abolish your rogue and heal while he's clos, priest will either get oom if you play well, or you get rogue without evasions-KS-dps down-charge/cyclone priest before he casts heal.

After reading Thundertaur's guide at arenajunkies, I've stopped going for lock pet. With lock+healer combos we go for healer, and rogue dodges all fears/kicks lock's fears with shs+kick (well my rogue is slacky, he doesnt do this always). Expose helps. With lock+rogue or anyway lock+dps we tunnelvision lock. It may fail, since your rogue may be stunlocked to death, but you get good chances that lock won't be able to dps.

Your 3v3 combo is a very viable one, especially cause hunter gets benefits from your aura/cc don't share DR etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral druid in need of help   Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:16 am

thx a lot for the info I appreciate it, btw I also looked up the arena junkie guide. Finally got my s3 wep ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Feral druid in need of help   

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Feral druid in need of help
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