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PostSubject: Warrior/Shaman   Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:39 pm

Man so Today me and my Dpriest did arena, we started off at 1712 won all the way to 1800 then we hit a brick wall of sham/warrior we actually lost 5 games to 4 different sham warrior teams course their all full s3 wouldnt expect less, But i jump on the warrior, priest drops the WF totem, so while im dpsing the warrior down, rooting, cycloning etc the shammy usually trinks the first fear then on the 2nd one we burn the warrior its ALMOST worked we got the warrior to 9% fortunately due to LoS accidents the shammy got an ez mode ns. I probably shouldve cycloned. Okay so we tried this on the BEM arena we got the warrior to 45% hes on my priest i sprint restealth hop on the shammen while my priest plays verry aggresive dpsing the warrior, their both sitting around 30% earthsheild sham is back up, warrior runs back i cyclone, shammy trinkets then he gets feared, the warrior sword and boards spell reflecting and blocking hes at 8%, i pop go to cyclone shamen he resists gets a lesser off warrior is at like 18% went to cyclone the sham again and he resists. Our only loses are to sham warrior teams. Give us Hunter/Druid or Druid/warrior we atleast have a solid strat and know how to play against this comp. Sigh.
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