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 Need some Advice

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PostSubject: Need some Advice   Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:49 am

Im going to start doing arenas on my druid and I was wondering how you other ferals deal with resto/Ds druids in arena. How do you normaly lock them down and dps them down fast enough with no ms effect?
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PostSubject: Re: Need some Advice   Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:14 pm

I'm actually curious what the pros do as well as I am certainly no expert.

I am LOATHE to write out strategies in detail since there are usually 1000 things that can be criticized and my ego is weak. But I do like to get the conversation going so...

I roll with a frost mage. Under the assumption that we're going to kill the druid, I try to lay out as much dmg as possible to scare out the use of NS. After that I'll try and get a good set of pts for a solid rip. Then while it ticks, I try to get some energy back via powershifting, maybe I'll throw some cc on the partner - whatever.

If I'm lucky enough that the rip and mangle has gotten him low. I'll try and start bursting again to kill him with the mages help. If he tries any healing with a casting time, I'll get a maim in for the 3sec silence from the s4 gloves. Otherwise, we rely on imp counterspell from the mage for a lockdown.

Except for the silence I'm usually alone in this b/c the mage needs to cc that partner or it won't work. If he gets some good shatter combos - even better b/c then the restoD has to split his attention and healers hate that.
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PostSubject: Re: Need some Advice   Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:26 am

Yeah i really dont know i mean it just depends on the gear, situation, arena, comp etc. I mean if its like hunter druid, once we kill the pet depending on the arena/situation i will sit on the druid while my priest keeps the hunter from resummoning a new pet and me giving abolish poison every 15 10 seconds or so if the hunter is keeping it up and i just sit ont he druid and eventually where him out because if your a geared feral, past the NS its only a matter of time before they go down. Druid/rogue i sit on the rogue, bleeding him up laying into him as hard as i can. Druid/Lock, kill the pet, then kill it again and sit on the lock while i tear him a new ass. But as a mage partner if you guys are good enough you can lockdown the druid with cyclone, hibernates and if the druid is out of form trying to cast poly him and then give him a hibernate if things go your way and try to catch the Dps in a shatter combo matched with 5 comp points ferocious bite, or you can split dps like on pally/lock but pallies are easily lockdown. But those are just some Simple ideas no they dont always work or go in our favor it really depends on the skill of the druid or the other player, alotta the times youll find a REALLY BAD warrior and a SUPER Godly druid or the other way around. And since comps like that usually just roll face its just difficult.
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PostSubject: Re: Need some Advice   Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:52 pm

On higher Ratings you cant outdps a Restro Druid with a Icemage... cause the Druid can kite your Mage all time and outhealing your Dmg easily... the best way we have figure out is that you run the Druid Out of Mana

Restro/Warri= Mage Kite the warri and in the Sheep Damashing returns he set him in nova then in Frostbolt Rank 1... then in Sheep... he can control a Warri for 95% of the battle if he know how he do it.

You go on the Druid and Dps him with the Mage that cast sometimes Arcan Missles to avoid LOF interups. Be careful if the Druid ran out of Range from the Mage... the Mage must begin to Dps the Warri with his Ele otherwise the Druid will cyclon you and run to drink+stealth. By having the Mage Dpsing the Warrior the Druid is forced to heal him and not to drink... after that Mage Sheep the Warri again and you can carry on with Dps until the Druid is oom...

Restro/Hunter= Go for the Pet and then for the Hunter... heal your Mage sometimes and look on your Fokus Bar if the Druid is casting Sleep until the Druid going oom.

Restro/Rogue= This setup is realy hard you must keep your Mage alive until the Rouge is run out of Cooldowns and go for the Rogue when he is out of Cds you switsch to the Druid and make your Mage kiting the Rouge until the Druid is oom.

And Think of it when you are not playing with a Rogue you cant lock them down without an Ms... If there are not stupid they can Outheal you until they run oom. But you are a Feral your streangh of surviveability is the week of the Restro
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PostSubject: Re: Need some Advice   Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:46 am

When facing resto druids in upper brackets it depends alot what you are playing with, and if you have any pve gear you can utilize (2 t6 for 35 energy mangles)...

But in any case you meet a restokin, that is a druid with dreamstate in the balance tree that does not have swiftmend nor natural perfection. In these cases a kill on the druid is very easy once the NS is spent. If you as a druid are the only source of damage it is hard, but still actually doable.. what you need to do is try to trick the druid by saving energy... Do this by saving up to 100 energy, then dish out 1 mangle wait for 100 energy and unload with shreds and ferocious... If you are lucky with a clearcast procc and crits you should be doing about 9-10k damage within 3-4 seconds.

If you paired up with a rogue a restokin is incredibly easy to kill, barley requires explanation. Just try to fake his oponent, force a NS and then get fresh stuns on him as he has no hots on himself..

For cookie cutter resto druids (cookie cutter beeing the normal specc that 90% has) with swiftmend and natural perfection, a kill on the druid is way harder to pull off but still doable. If you meet a druid warrior as mage feral, I would suggest trying to nuke the warrior big time in the start... With a polymorph and pet with shatter combos. The feral should open up with pounce as the FB and Ice lance is in the air on the way to the warrior.. He should get as many CPs as he can then rip. Enter bear and prepare to charge a regrowth or cyclone/root/hibernate. If this fails, you can try outlasting the druid... Which is actually possible.. With roots, cyclones and polymorphs you can keep the warrior in an almost never ending circle of CC...
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PostSubject: Re: Need some Advice   

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Need some Advice
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