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 Feral Druid / Ele Shammy / Frosty Mage

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PostSubject: Feral Druid / Ele Shammy / Frosty Mage   Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:35 am

Hey guys, hows it goin today i was asked to try a completely random comp out, feral druid, ele shammy and a frost mage. I figured why not i dont have a 3's thats active, im bored and like to arena, and these guys are pretty geared, mage full s3, shammy 2/5 brutal 1/5 venge 2/5 merc. And damn honestly to my suprise we were rolling on kids harder then you could imagine. No plan really but to take out the first target we could get our hands on, couple common teams were Druid, Warror and X (whatever rogue, lock, hunter etc) and the warrior would charge in, getting away fromt his druid and we would tear through him before the druid could even pop, or hed burn his cd's and the warrior would still drop. That worked even well when targeting the rogue first, or even a hunter. PMR, on the other hand, we would get on the priest, rush out. Figure 2 stealths and 1 priest with Int on him whatother combo could it be >.> so wed jump on the priest cc'ing the mage and rogue as best we could and actually donig a damn well good job of it. Was very suprised. And the fact that well we have 2 viable healers, so if the mage got focused, Iceblock (Hots, regrowth and a lesser Heal if needed) and if the shammy got targeted and getting bursted down low, mage would sheep a dps, and charge/bash the other and abolish poison etc ad hot him up. We got up to about 1750 starting off good 12-1 or so then we just lost to simple mistakes to hard comps, dont get me wrong these comps wernt scrubs in full s2, they were s3 some even had s5 shoulders or weps. we are gong to keep trying more this week, and if played well probably a very vable 1800 combo. They were talking about even getting 1950 after we picked up some more gear (me and our shammy). But it wasnt about the rating, it was about having fun and making fun of the druids who didnt even get a heal off before one of there dps died. I really enjoyed this comp, very fun.
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Feral Druid / Ele Shammy / Frosty Mage
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