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 Resto Druid PvP Stats

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PostSubject: Resto Druid PvP Stats   Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:23 am

Talent Point Builds:

8/11/42 - Your basic cookie cutter PvP resto spec. Points are used in the balance tree to get Nature's Grasp which is helpful against melee and Control of Nature which reduces the chance of being interrupted while casting Roots or Cyclone. Points are also spent in Feral to get Feral Charge, which can be used on a target far away from you to get away, to CC a target, or to interrupt someone casting.


13/11/37 - A few points are taken out of Empowered Rejuvenation and put into Balance to get Insect Swarm for the DoT effect and the decreased chance to hit, and Nature's Reach for a longer range on your Roots / Cyclone spells.


34/0/27 - Referred to as Dreamstate or Restokin. More talent points are taken out of the Resto tree and put into Balance for Moonkin form, Dreamstate, and a few other beneficial talents. It takes a bit more skill to use since you lose some nice things from the Resto tree and Feral Charge. It works as an offensive healer spec as you put points into DPS talents, or an outlast spec because of your mp5 and the fact you can attack pets and all that for mana.



Stamina - Health, go for at least 10k, the more the better.
Intellect - Mana, not much you can really do to increase this, don't try to.
Healing - How much your heals heal for, try to go for 1700+.
Spell Hit - The chance of your spells being resistsed. Many of your casts resist, try to get around 2% spell hit or more.
Mp5 - Mana regen, Royal Nightseye can help increase your mp5.

Resilience Amount:

You're going to want to get as much resilience as you can, at least 350 if you're being serious about arenas, you should have around 420-440 with full Resto PvP gear (without resilience gems or enchants).


Idk what to say here really.

Royal Nightseye: +9 Healing +2 Mp5. These are gud
Teardrop Living Ruby: +18 Healing. These are gud
Great Dawnstone: +8 Spell Hit Rating. These are gud 2


Helm: Glyph of Renewal: +35 Healing +7 Mp5
Glyph of the Gladiator: +18 Stamina +20 Resilience, I went with the healing glyph because I was low on healing, I'd recommend the healing one mostly.

Shoulders: Your Aldor / Scryer shoulder healing enchant.

Chest: +15 Resilience

Bracers: +30 Healing

Gloves: Either +35 Healing or +15 Spell Hit. I suggest 15 spell hit so you don't get as many resists, I've lost so many games because of a Cyclone or Roots resist. You might wanna get a +8 spell hit gem or two as well.

Legs: +66 Healing +20 Stamina

Boots: Boar's Speed or +12 Stamina, get Boar's Speed if you can.


I don't use any macros myself, but I'm sure there are people that can help you out with this. What you will want to do though is keybind your forms so you don't have to click them, this is key to any Druid spec for arenas.
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Resto Druid PvP Stats
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